Vision 2055 is a vision for the presbytery area, namely western Sydney


Vision2055 is about building a legacy that to 2055 and beyond will enable the Uniting Church to be strongly missional in the diverse contexts of western Sydney. It seeks to be proactive concerning meeting the needs of our presbytery in relation to rapid growth in our region, diverse communities, leadership and resource allocation.

A wholistic approach is taken in a twofold sense. Vision2055 is a whole of presbytery concern; it also seeks to be holistic in holding together worship and service, witness and fellowship, evangelism and social concern.

Regional approaches are promoted.  Strong larger regional churches are fostered; churches are encouraged to co-operate in their region of the presbytery.

Vision2055 is intentionally evangelistic in appropriate and meaningful ways.  We believe the gospel transforms lives and fosters meaningful community.
Fun at North West Uniting Priority areas, starting with the first three, will be progressively identified and assisted to develop.  A staged way of dealing with different areas will be taken.

An integrated approach is taken: worship, witness, service and fellowship are seen as necessarily inter-related.  Hence local churches and Uniting Church agencies will be encouraged to work in association with each other rather than separately.  We hold that the church is to be at the centre and at the edges of community life.
 Flexible approaches are encouraged.  Facilities will not necessarily be owned by the church.  Community facilities are and will be utilized.

All can be involved in some way: by specific prayer, by sharing people with expertise, by providing material and monetary support.

Leadership development is being fostered – both ordained and lay.  In particular we need people with church planting skills and motivation, and those able to lead larger churches.

Vision2055 is a long term commitment.  Communication is important to keep people informed as to progress and how they can be involved.  There are risks in raising expectations but there is certainty in doing nothing.

Presbytery has made Vision2055 a priority and this will be reflected in the outcomes of the presbytery review, in the presbytery budget, and in seeking further resources from the Synod. 

Many congregations have now affirmed the overall vision but are unsure how they can be involved.
It is up to each congregation to decide for itself how it can appropriately do so. Congregations do well to think in terms of local, regional and international mission. How are they fostering mission in each of these?

The presbytery is the region, so invites congregations to be connected in particular ways to mission that is that is happening across our presbytery.


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